Breakfast With Girls

Breakfast With Girls

July 1999 · Dreamworks Records · Spongebath Records

Featuring Matt Mahaffey, Mike Mahaffey, Mac Burrus, Chris James and Jason Rawlings. Produced by Matt Mahaffey except for "Placing the Blame" co-produced by Ken Andrews. Based on the best-selling novel!

Art direction by Brian Bottcher, assistance by Brooke Niessner. Photography by Kathy Morgan and Brian Bottcher, assistance by Doug Payne.

  • 01. The End of it All
  • 02. Kill the Barflies
  • 03. Meg Ryan
  • 04. Suzie Q Sailaway
  • 05. Uno Song
  • 06. Paint by Numbers
  • 07. What Are You Thinking!?
  • 08. Sucker
  • 09. Breakfast With Girls
  • 10. Better Than Aliens
  • 11. It All Comes Out in the Wash
  • 12. Callgirls
  • 13. Placing the Blame

Vinyl Version includes: Flip-Top Box, You're a Drug, Happy Accidents, Rusted and Used and Crashing Parties